We study ocean circulation, explore the relationships between physics and biology, and develop new observational tools and techniques.


Ocean Circulation and Mesoscale Variability

  • North Atlantic Surface Circulation Inferred from Surface Drifters
  • Rings of the North Brazil Current
  • Red Sea Outflow Experiment (REDSOX)
  • Somali Current Rings in the Eastern Gulf of Aden
  • CLIVAR Mode Water Dynamics Experiment (CLIMODE)
  • Glider-based Transport Measurements on the New England Shelf
  • Glider-based Transport Measurements in the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Study (SPURS)

Novel Explorations of Ocean Physics and Biology

  • Thin Phytoplankton Layers in the Western Tropical Pacific
  • Layered Organization in the Coastal Ocean (LOCO)
  • Marine Mammal Ecology and Acoustics in the Gulf of Maine
  • Acoustics of Spawning Grouper in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Instrument and Observing System Development

  • Autonomous Ocean Sampling Networks (AOSN)
  • Adaptive Sampling and Prediction (ASAP)
  • The Submerged Autonomous Launch Platform (SALP)
  • The Autonomous Expendable Instrument System (AXIS)
  • RAFOS Ocean Acoustic Monitoring (ROAM) tag: Tracking Marine Megafauna

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